If it’s good enough for Steph Curry and the Warriors…

The Golden State Warriors are on an unprecedented winning streak (20 straight games), set to break the NBA’s all time Most Consecutive Wins record in a matter of games.  They are a thrill to watch, especially Steph Curry’s gutsy, what-the-heck, 3-point shots lofted up as far back as the center court line.

The team has become known for their great chemistry, so it fascinated me when I came across an article about the Warrior’s core values.  They are:


1.     Joy

2.     Mindfulness

3.     Compassion

4.     Competition


I love this, not only because it aligns with many of the values I encourage in my clients, but also because it’s working for the Warriors.  It’s not just some fluffy, feel-good, nonsense.  These guys are winning games, and having fun doing it, showing that you can be joyful and compassionate and still win.  Maybe even win more.     

I imagine playing with joy helps them feel more loose and reminds them of why they play basketball in the first place.  People who exercise compassion for themselves, others, and even institutions (like basketball), feel more connected and would likely equate into more collaborative play and chemistry on the court.

Mindfulness, which can be called many things, involves being aware of what is happening in and around you and being open and flexible in your behavior.  Something that helps anyone perform better. 

In my experience, many of us are taught that we have to be tough to survive.  There are circumstances where this is true.  But I think there are ways to be tough, joyful, compassionate, and mindful while still being successful.  The added bonus is that you will feel lighter and more connected while you succeed. 

I suggest you try some compassion and joy on for size.  It’s working for the Warriors.  Steph Curry scored 28 points in one quarter last night, 40 points overall.

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